Welcome to my new site- franconiacollegereminder.com. Here will be found photographs taken on and around the FC campus- no particular reason, just whatever appealed to me during my time at FC- Spring 1970 to Autumn 1974 or so. At one time I did hope to make all this available in a printed book- the expense of doing such made it quite impossible- so here are all the images- on-line for your enjoyment. Please re-visit often; I will endeavor to keep the site live for the coming future. You will notice this site only features the work of Chester Ludlow- there are many, many FC sites where the work of others may be seen. All images are posted in LoRes, fine for viewing on-screen; not appropriate for print-out. If you desire hi-res of any particular image(s) query me via the contact link above; I will try to work with any legitimate request. Please note: None of these images are for sale, they may not be used for any commercial purpose. Requests for publication will be considered on an individual basis. Love to you all, Chester P. Ludlow

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